[mythtv-users] what cpu is required for hdtv playback

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Thu Aug 25 16:06:45 UTC 2005

To be honest, if all your using is MythTV - just install 32 bit - its fast

On my Athlon 3200 I run a BUNCH of stuff - most of which benefits from the
64bit enhancements. For example, my boot up takes less than 5 seconds from
Grub to Desktop - significantly less than my old Athlon XP 2500 system.

Personal choice - what exactly do you have planned for the box?


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On 25 Aug 2005, Erik Pettersen wrote:
> I've got a slightly dumb question:
> Is the performance gain from using AMD64 on a 64bit OS more
> signifigant than if you ran it on a regular 32 bit flavor of linux but
> used more stable nvidia drivers to take advantage of XvMC (at least
> till the 64bit driver situation is ironed out)?

Don't have any clue, never dealt with AMD64 processors.  I just wish I knew
more about xvmc so that I could get it to work.


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