[mythtv-users] ATI Tv Wonder Pro

Jon Reynolds jonr at destar.net
Thu Aug 25 05:39:58 UTC 2005

todd Bailey wrote:
> I wouldn't waste my time with any ATI product and Linux.  ATI tech
> support got downright hostile when I asked them to support one of their
> products under fc2. Yes I know a while back.  But Why support a company
> who doesn't return the favor?
> Drop ATI and go with a Nvidia product.  At least Nvidia is user
> friendly !!!
> $50 bucks will get you a up2date card and nvidia will talk to you about
> it...

Thanks Todd, but it's a tuner card not a video out that I am trying to 
get working. I basically just wanted to know if anyone had gotten it to 
work and if there was anything special about it, i.e. using a certain 
ivtv driver, etc.


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