[mythtv-users] 350 Tv Out vs. Nvidia 5200

Erik Pettersen pettersen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 03:06:23 UTC 2005

I don't have any concrete facts to dispute it, but i'm not sure if
that assumption is an absolute.

What I "know" annecdotally is that budget and cheaper manufacturer
cards tend to "cheat" or skimp on the TV out section/components as a
way to cut corners/costs.

Example: back in the day... it seemed that "built by ATI" cards had
superior TV out than "powered by ATI" cards... even if they were both
radeon 7000s or what have you.

I believe that reputable "brand" name manufacturers of nvidia or ati
reference cards do a better job with the TV out, especially the ones
that have models or market towards media/cinema applications (I'm
thinking EVGA for example).

I was under the impression that newer nvidia cards with more media
functions (including tv out/processing) built into the GPU were
actually better than the older "external encoder" scan converter
types. *shrug*

I'd be interested in seeing if the people unhappy with their cards
have budget brand or name brand implementations of their "5200s" or
"mx420's" or the like...  I'm sure there's a big component of the PQ
to the settings/decoder/input quality (GIGO)... but I bet there's a
correlation there.

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On 8/24/05, Dave <dbadia at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The problem is that the quality of TV encoders used on Nvidia designs
> > (and clones) various greatly.  Some encoders are external to the Nvidia
> > GPU (Phillips and others) some are integrated into the Nvidia GPU.  For
> > me, the output of the signal is washed out.  No adjustment of XV
> > controls completely corrects the image.
> >
> > Some cards are better.  From casual reading, it appears board with
> > external encoders are better than Nvidia's newer internal designs.
> >
> Interesting.  Is there any way to determine which cards have the
> external decoder vs the internal one?
> Dave
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