[mythtv-users] Re: Found an Awesome Remote

Nathan Hesson nhesson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 02:28:23 UTC 2005

Check out remotecentral.com.  I know it looks like alot of pronto
stuff (it is) but there are also alot of reviews and some other rf
remotes that are listed.  Many are rf remotes that transmit to ir base
stations, they are fully learnable and can do macros as well.  I know
they are more money than the ATI RW and others but you get what you
pay for.  If you really want a great range on an rf remote and have
some cash to burn, check out some of the home automation companies
like Crestron or AMX.  I do Crestron programming and have seen upwards
of 350 ft in an open house but in a typical situation I see 200 ft
through walls.  But it is a LOT more expensive, also requires a
separatly programmed system.
Nathan Hesson
nhesson at gmail dot com

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