[mythtv-users] what cpu is required for hdtv playback

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Wed Aug 24 23:08:05 UTC 2005

can you playback hd quality mpeg2/mpeg4 shows? -r

On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 06:13:50PM -0400, Donavan Stanley sent me this...
> On 8/24/05, Reza Naima <reza at reza.net> wrote:
> > i'm building a system and want to use it as a frontend to play back
> > (eventually) hdtv content.  I ordered a 533 celeronD 2.6 as a first pass
> > -- will that be fast enough, or do i need to go pentium4?
> Thats what I'm using on my main frontend.

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