[mythtv-users] ATI Tv Wonder Pro

Jon Reynolds jonr at destar.net
Wed Aug 24 21:17:31 UTC 2005

FC4 using Jarods guide
ATI Tv Wonder Pro cx2388 chipset
NVidia GX2

I am helping a friend to setup a myth box using the ATI TV Wonder Pro 
with a conexant 2388 chipset. I have everything working except being 
able to get myth to play tv, I can cat /dev/video0 | test.mpg and then 
mplayer can play it but it is all different colors. TvTime will play the 
broadcast but I can't get mplayer to.

When I try using mplayer /dev/video0 it somehow screws up ivtv and I 
have to reboot. It will play it the first time I try but not a second 
without a reboot. If, after trying mplayer /dev/video0, I try to cat 
/dev/video0 | test.mpg it says input/ouput error. Jarod says to rmmod 
ivtv then modprobe ivtv and try again but I get the same error unless I 

Does anybody have this card working under Myth and if so were there any 
extra steps that I may have missed? Is this card a dvb card or should 
the cx88xx and ivtv modules be able to play it? Do I need the cx8800 
modules also?

Thanks for any help,


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