[mythtv-users] Slightly OT: VIA SP13000 will not power-down

R. Geoffrey Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Aug 24 17:18:11 UTC 2005

David wrote:
> R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:
>>On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:29:11 +1000 (EST), Jon Whitear wrote:
>>>>>I have an SP13000, running Mandrake 10.2 with epia patched
>>>>>Whether I run "shutdown -h now" from a console window, or select
>>>>>from the 'Start Menu', the machine switches to run-mode 0, does all the
>>>>>usual things, but stops/hangs at Power Down.
>>>Sounds like you don't have ACPI configured in your kernel.
>>Now THAT'S a good pointer! Thanks. ACPI is included in the kernel but your
>>post points out to me that I have no idea what, if any, configuration
>>might be required beyond that....
>>More time to be wasted........ <font sarcastic>  Ohhh goodie! </font
>>This tends to get tiresome. I've now spent well in excess 30 hours on this
> Wow. That's over 4 (short) days!!
> What dedication ;)
> I bet hardly anyone else here has spent _nearly_ *that* much time on
> their myth systems!!

I presume that your e-mail client failed to properly mark the portion 
beginning 'Wow' on down as being 'font sarcastics'.

> Geoff, I think you need to realise that a bunch of people are getting
> together using the internet to communicate and they're forming a
> community. And, get this, they're not doing it for you :)
> Many of them *are* trying to make life better for other people and will
> offer to help.
> Frankly, whining that it doesn't work for you and is wasting _your_ time
> is exceptionally egocentric.

And you are being exceptionally dense and snide in thinking that what 
you quote below was a whine or that I was being egocentric. I AM 
astounded at the number of difficulties which arise. And how the various 
cook--books differ so much AND STILL END UP WORKING. Linux is such a 
swamp of different ways to do things, and it is full of 
alligators....It's easy to foget that the idea is to make it across the 
swamp or to get mythtv running. And you will note that I'm almost there.

New motherboard, new case, new WinTV500 hardware, new distro, new 
kernel, patched, new drivers, new modules, new programs.
Only 30 hours. I'm doing pretty well.


>>It is astounding how none of the recipes given in the various
>>how-tos actually correspond with each other, and how there is always at
>>least one 'make' which will not configure or compile properly....On Monday
>>mythtv-setup finally launched...but I still have to do other stuff first
>>it seems, and I'm still not sure that XvMC-whatever is properly running..
> I look forward to your extensive write-up (with no make errors and
> in-sync with all other HowTos) appearing on the community wiki at
> www.mythtv.info
> That will demonstrate that you are acting as part of the community and
> are adding to as well as just sharing the knowledge you've obtained from
> others (at a very reasonable hourly rate I must add)
> Please feel free to contact me for assistance getting your writeup
> started and suggestions as to how you can make life easier by editing
> and supplementing other topics...

Given your pompous holier-than-thou attitude I will NOT be calling upon 
you for assistance. Although I WILL be providing comments to the 
community. Go play with your house.

> David
> Oh, and WTF has the linux kernel ACPI capability got to do with Myth?

Well it's marked  'Slightly OT' in the Re line. I was 'calling on the 
community' and it appears that I have been given a good answer to 

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