[mythtv-users] Watch TV works, but recording doesn't.

Jens Baumeister jens.baumeister at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 14:31:49 UTC 2005


On 8/24/05, Andrew Haigh <andrewhaigh at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Anyway, I can browse through all the program guide and see whats on
> without any problems. However, I have not setup a means for Myth to
> change the channel, or understand what it is I'm currently watching,
> because I don't have any suitable IR hardware yet.

This paragraph contains two important nuggets of info you forgot to
mention in your first question:
a) You didn't finish the setup properly. 
b) You apparently have an external device (a cable box?) that needs to
be controlled via IR to change the channels.

> Am I right in thinking Myth will not record unless it thinks it knows
> what it is being watched? This seems very silly - my old VCR doesn't
> have any problems doing this!

Just a hint: Many of the people on this list spend considerable time
working on this software without getting paid for it. They're the
people who'd be best suited to help you, however they're
understandably passionate about their piece of work and won't
appreciate it if you start calling it names. In a nutshell: Yes MythTV
is more complex to set up than an ordinary VCR, however it's more
powerful, as well.

As for your problem, some basic questions need to be answered first:
What is your setup? Which devices are connected? And which part of the
installation process did you choose to skip?

Without that info, it's hard to give you a meaningful answer.


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