[mythtv-users] guide time off by four hours

Bryan Halter bhalter at armyofpenguins.com
Wed Aug 24 01:15:35 UTC 2005

The localtime of the machine running the backend should be set to your
localtime, unfortunately the showing time of listings gotten through
datadirect is calculated when mythfilldatabase is run so you'll need to
a) delete the data already downloaded or b) run mythfilldatabse
--refresh-today everyday for 2 weeks to get rid of the old listings

matt lutz wrote:

>Hey all,
>I'm struggling with a problem right now regarding the time of programs
>in the guide.  All of my programs are off by 4 hours.  I can't really
>understand it.  The localtime of my box is set correctly to UTC, and
>the frontend has the right time in it, but all the guide data is off. 
>It's as if the myth database is seeing the localtime on my box as UTC,
>and then applying the timezone shift again  (I'm in EST daylight
>Did I configure something inadvertently somewhere?  I use zap2it for
>the guide data, and I do not have an offset for xmltv configured in
>mythtvsetup.  I'm not really sure where else to look.  I did do a
>mythfilldatabase --refresh-today, and verified that the /etc/localtime
>file was linked correctly to EST5EDT.  I'm not sure exactly when this
>problem started as my myth box is not yet heavily utilized, and I
>thought for a while that this was a frontend problem, not a backend
>Thanks for any help you can provide.
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