[mythtv-users] Slightly OT: VIA SP13000 will not power-down

Robert Denier denier at umr.edu
Tue Aug 23 17:04:59 UTC 2005

I've got a shuttle cube exhibiting similar behavior that hasn't been
worth my time to figure out yet, although I did upgrade the kernel which
didn't fix it.

Some things you might try..

1) A new knoppix cd.  If that works then its not your hardware.
2) Search through any newsgroups provided by mandrake.  Perhaps someone
has the same problem.
3) Look at your log files, see if you notice anything.
4) Shut down services and unmount network drives before attempting the
shutdown.  Maybe it will work then, and if it does, you might have a
guess as to where to go.
5) Update all the system releated packages to the latest stable
versions, however that is done on mandrake.
6) If the previous updates didn't work and you were using Gentoo I'd
tend to recommend considering a rebuild of the OS, starting with a
fairly minimal system.  While Gentoo does a very good job upgrading
cleanly, sometimes from scratch seems a bit cleaner and can sometimes
7) I don't use the shutdown command myself.  Does 'halt' do the same

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 11:28 -0500, R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:
> Can any help with this problem?
> I have an SP13000, running Mandrake 10.2 with epia patched
> kernel.
> Whether I run "shutdown -h now" from a console window, or select Shutdown
> from the 'Start Menu', the machine switches to run-mode 0, does all the
> usual things, but stops/hangs at Power Down.
> I have to push and hold the Power button (for the 4 second delay) before
> it will go down. (This is actually the usual ATX 'power-off' state which
> is not really dead: for example the ASUS WL330G wifi gadget which is
> powered from a USB port, is still powered.)
> I cannot find anything in the BIOS which would prevent the usual
> 'power-off' step.
> In case it makes a difference, this MB is installed in a Silverstone LC11M
> case, with all of the apparently normal bits and pieces between the power
> supply and the MB. I don't think that there are any power leads missing.
> Geoff
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