[mythtv-users] mythweather and debian problems

Jason Temple jason at temple.net
Tue Aug 23 15:27:17 UTC 2005

Greetings All,
    I've recently setup mythbackend on a server and running the frontend 
on my laptop (for now) and while the core of mythtv works great (love 
the commmercial skip), the plugins don't seem to be taking.
    I'm installing the plugins on the backend machine using apt-get 
(http:dijkstra.csh.rit.edu/~mdz/debian unstable mythtv - 
libmythweather.so and some .png file, no mythweather binary) on sarge.  
The packages install fine according to apt-get (installed mythweb and 
mythgallery among others), yet when I use the mythfrontend to configure 
weather, there are no settings or visible signs that mythweather was 
installed (no setup, not conf, no nothing).  Here's the weird 
part...when I use mythweb (which does work), I can also use mythweather 
and get radar and forecast info no problem. 
    I've tried grabbing the tarballs and installing that way, but then I 
need qmake...to install qmake requires libqt3 to be installed...when I 
apt-get that, lots of 404 errors from apt-get.  Any ideas how/why this 
is happening?  I've even tried installing it on the frontend machine, 
but that did not help anything.  Mythgallery and audio don't work either 
(in that they are not present in any of the settings from the 
frontend).  Anyone else run into this?



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