[mythtv-users] noob remote question

Robert D. Mathews geoflyer at centurytel.net
Mon Aug 22 22:32:50 UTC 2005

lirc is started, in terminal i get corresponding readout from what 
buttons i push.  when i log out as user and in as root everything works 
as advertised. all remote functions work. is there something i need to 
post so someone can troubleshoot it?

Blastzone wrote:

>First, are you sure that lircd is running @ startup?
>Then, log in as your user and test the remote using irw.  If you're
>getting something there, your local .lircrc is probably non-existant
>or has bad permissions.
>(that was my problem)
>On 8/22/05, Robert D. Mathews <geoflyer at centurytel.net> wrote:
>>I have slogged through many how-to's and with wilsons guide and have
>>gotten myself a working mythtv setup. happage 150, fedora core3 etc. I
>>know i may  be missing something in the doc's, but everything works with
>>the exception of the remote. this too will work so long as i am logged
>>in as root. Is there some way to get the frontend to start as root while
>>logged in as user? will i always have to be logged in as root to get
>>this to function?
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