[mythtv-users] Card recommendation request and cable question.

todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Mon Aug 22 17:21:00 UTC 2005

In addition to the below items,

Another interesting approach would be to use a dedicated video port for
myth output. This could either be (s)vga, svideo, composite from a aux
port from a video card that offers multiple outputs.

I find this configuration more flexible as I can login to the primary
screen using a standard computer monitor and when desired watch tv off
of the secondary port which I have connected to a hd projector.

And with a powerful enough computer and video card(s) you can
effectively multitask. 

On Mon, 2005-08-22 at 10:54 -0400, Zak wrote:
> You have several options for the video:
> 1. Get a VGA->component/composite/S-Video converter (e.g., Audio 
> Authority).
> 2. Purchase a video card with S-Video out.
> 3. Purchase a capture card with S-Video out (e.g., PVR-350).
> 4. Purchase a TV w/ DVI or VGA inputs.
> For the sound, yes, you need to pass audio to your TV or stereo.  You 
> can simply use the line-out from your sound card, or you can configure 
> S/PDIF if your sound card (and stereo) supports it.
> Mark Gordon wrote:
> > *I am looking to setup a MythTV machine (2nd attempt)
> > Has anyone used this card:
> > *AVerMedia M150 PCI Interface M150 Media Center Edition 2005 PCI TV 
> > Tuner - OEM
> > It is only 55.00 bucks compared to the  PVR-250 costing $130.    Any 
> > recommendations?
> >
> > One thing I don't yet understand.  After I get my myth machine running 
> > on my monitor what device/cable do I then need to get connect my 
> > system to my TV?   Does the sound continue to play via the speakers on 
> > my system or do I need to pass the audio to TV?
> >
> > I am a software developer but as you can probably tell I don't know 
> > much about audio and video.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mark
> >
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