[mythtv-users] Symlinking kernel modules (was:I'm so frustrated. (PVR-500))

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Mon Aug 22 15:15:48 UTC 2005

Mike wrote:

> Richard Bronosky wrote:
>> So I tried to buy hardware specifically to have a good MythTV
>> experience.  ( See setup here http://www.bronosky.com/index.php?p=21 )
>> I have obviously failed.
>> I've installed KnoppMyth R5A16, and followed these instructions for ivtv
>> http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4822#28248  I used
>> ivtv-0.3.7d.  I got HcwMakoA.ROM & HcwFalcn.rom off of the latest CD
>> posted on http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/support/support_mce.html
>> I'm getting the "reddish static fade in, fade out" problem.  I'm hearing
>> people talk about loading the ivtv module with different parameters.  I
>> don't know what loading a module is, or how to change parameters.  I
>> hear people talking about modules.conf and modprobe.conf...
>> This is just too much for me to figure out right now.  I don't feel like
>> I know enough to know what I need to learn.  I'm not dead set on
>> KnoppMyth, but I am dead set on the hardware described above.  Can
>> someone please tell me the easiest way to get a viewable video signal
>> from a PVR-500 using mplayer or something?  I just need a little victory
>> to feel good about this project again.
> did you try 0.3.7g... I'm betting it is because your tuners aren't
> detecting correctly. I never had these problems on Debian but somebody
> I know had tried knoppmyth and had the exact same issues you are
> talking about. He gave me access where I tried to build 0.3.7c and I
> couldn't get it detecting the tuners right either. It seemed like
> something was wrong with tveeprom.ko which didn't make much sense
> since building it exactly the same way on debian vs knoppmyth produces
> 2 entirely different results.... Debian works, knoppmyth doesn't
> detect tuners right with a rebuild tveeprom.ko..
> And for future reference, people will be able to tell you whats wrong
> quicker if you post the relivent info from 'dmesg' and post your
> configurations.
> -Mike
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Wow, thanks again to all of you who have offered so much support.  I
really am blown away by how well the O.S.S. concept works.

I actually had a very encouraging victory this weekend.  My wife made
the mistake of going to bed early on Friday.  This means she will be
asleep when I go to bed, so "why should I go sooner versus later?"  Come
1am I had followed Todd Ignasiak's advice & URL's and got /dev/video0 to
deliver video to both mplayer and MythTV's "Watch Live TV"

I should have went to bed then.

But, I did notice that the video seemed to be stretched wide and 25% of
the right half was out of view.  Since the instructions I was following
used ivtv 0.3.2s I decided to try 0.3.7f (the latest as of then)  I lost
all I had gained.  I was up until 5am trying to get it to work again. 
So, now I must start over with 0.3.2s to see if I can get back where I
was. Can I use symlinks for the ivtv installs?

Right now I have the following symlinks:
/lib/modules/misc/tuner.ko -> modules/
/lib/modules/ivtv-fw-enc.bin -> HcwFalcn.rom

1st, is there a problem with using either of those?  (specifically the
first one.)
2nd, I would like to symlink every file that gets installed by
/usr/src/ivtv-x/driver/make install & /usr/src/ivtv-x/driver/make
install to it's destination, so that I could easily test different
versions of the driver by only calling a "make", and then symlinking
/lib/modules/... to /usr/src/ivtv-current/... and symlinking
/usr/src/ivtv-current/ to /usr/src/ivtv-x/.  Is that clear?  Can that be
done?  (I'm wondering if the kernel will follow these nested links.) 
What files do I need to link? (is there a way for me to find that out
from the Makefile2.6?)

Please no RTFMing.  I did actually open the file
/usr/src/ivtv-0.3.7f/driver/Makefile2.6 and saw the following sections
"all:", "install: all", "clean:", "reload:", and "unload:". The section
"install:all" seems to "find" msp3400.ko, tuner.ko, tda9887.ko, &
tveeprom.ko in the /lib/modules/x/kernel directory and warn you of
conflicts, but I cannot find where it actually copies those files to
their destinations.

Please advise.

I'm changing the title of this thread, since I just went in a whole new


	Thank you for your time,
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