[mythtv-users] Good, general Linux resources?

Zak onlydarksets at mahshie.net
Mon Aug 22 12:58:39 UTC 2005

I am a longtime (~10 years) Windows tinkerer, but just got into Linux in 
the past year, specifically for the purpose of setting up MythTV (which, 
simply put, rocks).  I have it working, thanks to Jarod's fantastic 
guide.  However, 90% of the commands I entered on faith, without any 
clue what I was doing.

Are there any good resources that people can recommend for learning 
about the architecture of the linux system?  I'm not looking for a white 
paper, but just a general idea of how it treats hard drives (e.g., 
having to mount everything), peripherals (e.g., video capture cards), 
etc. along with some of the common commands that are used to manipulate 
system resources (e.g., depmod, modprobe, lspci, dmesg, etc.).

Any resources are greatly appreciated.  I don't mind doing heavy lifting 
- if I can, I would be willing to put together a mini-FAQ for other 
nubies.  I can't imagine I am the only one.


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