[mythtv-users] programming universal remote (OFA Kameleon)?

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Mon Aug 22 12:52:46 UTC 2005

Craig Tinson wrote:

> Jo Shields wrote:
>> I have _most_ of the kameleon's buttons working, emulating an @sat 
>> box (OFA SAT code 1300). This code happens to work very well with 
>> irecord, or there's a config I made & sent to LIRC upstream.
>> --Jo Shields
> Hi Jo
> thats the problem I've having - I can't get my head around all these 
> codes and "emulation".
> could you provide a step-by-step from the beginning on how you 
> achieved this?
> thanks
> Craig

The Kameleon can either act as a learning remote (you press a button on 
an IR device, and assign that signal to a Kameleon button), or as an 
emulated remote, where it pretends to be another manufacturer's remote. 
The latter is achieved by holding the MAGIC button for a few seconds 
when in a given mode (e.g. TV mode, DVD mode), then pressing a code. In 
my case, SAT mode -> MAGIC 1300 gave a fairly featured remote control 
for some random set-top box. Some types of remote are easier to generate 
LIRC configs for than others, some are nigh on impossible. The @sat 
remote appears to map most (but not all) of the buttons on the Kameleon 
- the "xmode2" application reads from the LIRC device and shows the raw 
data received, so you can quickly see whether a button press is actually 
transmitting anything.

You can then use either the irrecord app to generate a remote-specific 
lircd.conf config file, or use a pre-made config (there are many on the 
lirc webpage).

As for getting LIRC itself up and running, that's very 
distribution-specific and accident-prone, so I can't recommend on that front

--Jo Shields

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