[mythtv-users] High Quality SDTV output

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 19:43:27 UTC 2005

On 8/21/05, Matt Stocum <dirtymatt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm getting ready to build a MythTV box and my big issue right now is
> how to get high quality SDTV output from the machine.  I do not
> consider the s-video output port found on most video cards to be
> anything close to high quality.  I am not aware of a video card that
> will output a true 480i signal, all of the ones I'm aware of force
> the image through scalers which destroy the quality.  I want to be
> able to take interlaced video in, keep it interlaced while it's
> encoded, and then output it as interlaced video.  I am also aware of
> the Hauppauge PVR-350, but this card seems to have a number of
> compromises with regards to non-MPEG2 output.

XV support on the PVR350 is coming along well now, and should (and
already is I think) to start  to offer very good quality interlaced TV
Output. Native MPEG2 ouput, esp from LiveTV and recordings, have
excellent quality, easily surpassing my ATI card's output.


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