[mythtv-users] High Quality SDTV output

Matt Stocum dirtymatt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 17:20:09 UTC 2005

I'm getting ready to build a MythTV box and my big issue right now is  
how to get high quality SDTV output from the machine.  I do not  
consider the s-video output port found on most video cards to be  
anything close to high quality.  I am not aware of a video card that  
will output a true 480i signal, all of the ones I'm aware of force  
the image through scalers which destroy the quality.  I want to be  
able to take interlaced video in, keep it interlaced while it's  
encoded, and then output it as interlaced video.  I am also aware of  
the Hauppauge PVR-350, but this card seems to have a number of  
compromises with regards to non-MPEG2 output.  I do want to use the  
MythTV box for AVIs, MP3s and console games (SNES, etc.).  I am  
vaguely aware of Cory Papenfuss's VGA to NTSC transcoder but my  
soldering skills are pretty poor and I can't seem to find the  
schematics anymore.  I've also seen on this list that some newer  
nVidia cards can do component output but I haven't seen anything that  
confirms that they can do a 480i signal.  Also, these cards seem to  
have some issues with Xv video acceleration.  With that said, I hope  
some people on this list know of some cards or tricks that I am not  
aware of, or areas where I am just plain wrong.  Right now I am only  
looking for s-video or component SDTV only.

Thank you,

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