[mythtv-users] Barebone myth tv nodes?

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Sat Aug 20 20:04:35 UTC 2005

I really like the Digimatrix - the barebones can be had on ebay for about
300$ USD.

The basic Digimatrix includes the following:
- Sis based Video (support for XV) with Composite, RCA, SVHS, VGA, and DVI
- Remote Control, and IR Receiver
- LCD Display (Basic - shows Time and Status - no customizable text).
- Support for P4, HD, and DDR Ram
- Built in TV Tuner (SAA7134)
- Gigabit, and 10/100 Ethernet
- 802.11b WiFi (Linux Compatible - too slow for streaming Video)
- Radio Tuner (Now operable via Linux)
- Super Slim/Sexy Form Factor.
- Compact Flash/SD/MMC etc Card Reader
- DVD/CD Reader
- USB2.0 & Firewire Ports (front and back)

To get it running you'll need to add a P4 Processor (400mhz Bus, Max 2.4Ghz)
a Hard Drive (of you want local booting), and some DDR PC2100 Memory.

I'm running this as a front-end in my bedroom without issue, good video,
slim form factor, nice remote. Now that its considered obsolete its
reasonably priced as a front-end and has a good feature matrix. This is not
good as a backend (no PCI Slots), but an excellent front-end.

The following is a link to an ebay auction:


And this is a link to setting it up for MythTV:



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Has anyone seen or figured out the lowest cost way to get a bare mythtv
node up?  I was thinking of setting up myth around the house and what
I'm looking for is something like

1.5GHZ + cpu
Integrated sound
Integrated video with tv out on motherboard
Integrated network

All of the previous need to work with myth obviously, including doing
NFS booting via the network.

In a perfect world it would be a tiny case as well, but somehow I
suspect to get all these things the price might get more expensive.  

A shuttle or Asus Pundit might be possibilities, but both were more
expensive than what I had in mind.  If anyone sees some refurbished
motherboards that are decent that might be idea.  The sticking points
seem to be getting the tv-out to work as well as the nfs booting off the


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