[mythtv-users] Sata Modules with EPIA kernel

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Sat Aug 20 15:48:22 UTC 2005

On 15-Aug-05, at 1:14 PM, R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:

> Can anyone assist me in pointing to where/how I create a module
> 'sata_via'?

Make sure you've got the right config option set. One way to find which 
one controls that particular module is to do this from the top of the 
kernel source tree:

find . -name Makefile -exec grep sata_via {} /dev/null \;

on my machine it finds the module in drivers/scsi depending on the 
value of CONFIG_SCSI_SATA_VIA. Looking at Kconfig in the same directory 
I see that the option depends on SCSI_SATA && PCI being set. Look (or 
grep) your .config and probably one or more of these is not set. Go 
into menuconfig and pick them and rebuild/install your kernel and you 
ought to be in business.

Oh, you have to build these into the kernel, eg. not as modules, to use 
them at boot time.

- George

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