[mythtv-users] Barebone myth tv nodes?

Neil Davidson lists at backslash.co.uk
Sat Aug 20 15:29:11 UTC 2005

> > > If anyone does't know about them, they might take a look at 
> > > logicsupply.com .  They have ide flash memory modules that plug 
> > > directly into an IDE connector starting at $51 dollars 
> for a 256MB 
> > > version.  Of course if you don't know how to build a 
> Linux system so 
> > > it never mounts a partition rw, other than during 
> development, then 
> > > I can't really recommend it.  (Flash memory devices have a finite 
> > > number of read write
> > > cycles.)
> wouldn't using the minimyth distribution solve the problem of 
> properly mounting a flash device?  I haven't tried it.

Yeah I would look at MiniMyth (http://www.linpvr.org/). Was designed for the
Epia-M boards to start with, but the latest release should be compatible
with just about any x86 system I think. I believe there are good
instructions on how to get it up and running too (not tried it yet, don't
have the hardware atm)

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