[mythtv-users] Setting Up Dimensions

Steve Nuffer nuffersp at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 19 23:39:30 UTC 2005

I'm having problems setting up the dimensions between the MythFrontend (menus) and LiveTv Guide.  I have adjusted my X,Y settings under appeareance so that the MythFrontend is properly setup.  I usually use the Guide to make sure it all fits.

When I go to LiveTv which is fine, the Guide is cutoff.  How do I adjust that without affecting my MythFrontend?

I have set my mode in xorg.conf with a mode of 640x480.

PVR350 (svideo out)
Myth 18.1
Fedora Core3
IVTV 3.7a
32" JVC TV

Thanks for the help.


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