[mythtv-users] New TV - Need to fix XF86config

William Oberman oberman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 23:09:18 UTC 2005


I have a "stock Jarod" RH9 system (I never upgraded to fedora because
it works as is).  I'm currently running MythTV 18.1.  I used to have a
standard def CRT as my only display device, and everything seemed to
work.  I just bought a projector (AE700U), and now things are weird.

My video card is a  GeForce 5200.  I plugged the SVIDEO cable into the
projector (that used to connect to my CRT), and everything seemed to
just work.  Myth looked right, LiveTV looked right, Video (running
xine) looked right.  But, my old recordings are bizarre.  I see the
lower right corner of the video in the upper left corner of my screen.
 I then hooked up a standard PC monitor (using the RGB connector) and
see the same effect!

If it helps, I have a avermedia m179 that is producing the video.  The
live tv stream is 720x480, and the recordings are all 480x480.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated!



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