[mythtv-users] Redhat 9

Zak onlydarksets at mahshie.net
Fri Aug 19 17:41:59 UTC 2005

Not a direct answer, but I just tried to upgrade from .16->.18.1 on FC1 
last week, and it didn't work (mythplugins error).  Point being, even if 
you were on Fedora, you might still have issues.  I couldn't find an 
answer, so I'm installing FC3+.18.1 this week.  That said, I am doing 
everything via ATrpms and don't want to build anything myself.  I might 
have been able to fix it with a kernel upgrade, but, frankly, I'm a 
neophyte at best.

David Erickson wrote:

>I haven't updated my mythtv since .16.. I figured it works then why mess
>with it.  I just have to reboot it 1 time every 6 days other wise the
>mythbackend just locks up.. Anyhow.
>My question is... Does the last version of mythtv still run on Redhat 9 or
>do i actually have to breakdown and upgrade to the latest Fedora?
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