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>On 8/18/05, Matt <skd5aner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Please, please, PLEASE... make the audio to the DVD standard of AC3!
>> MPEG2 Audio is NOT a standard for US DVD players contrary to popular
>> belief.  Other than that... Good luck on these scripts!  I t
>> mythburn was dead!  I really can't wait until this becomes
>> incorporated into the standard myth build or plugins.

>Some useful information on the DVD spec and differences in its
>evolution in NTSC and PAL countries (essentially any NTSC DV
> should
>have audio in at least AC3 and/or PCM format, other formats are
>optional and may or may not be supported in the player):


Snip from Nicks link:

Initially, in countries using the PAL standard (e.g. most of Europe) the
sound of DVD was supposed to be standardized on PCM and MPEG-2 audio, but
apparently against the wishes of Philips, under public pressure on December
5, 1997, the DVD Forum accepted the addition of Dolby AC-3 to the optional
formats on discs and mandatory formats in players. The vast majority of
commercial PAL releases employ AC-3 audio by now.

In other words: older (pre 1998) European DVD's probably don't include AC-3....

Please, please, PLEASE remember that the US of A isn't the ONLY country
in the world (no offence intended Matt).



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