[mythtv-users] Re: Record this timeslot every week - dumb question

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Aug 19 01:52:29 UTC 2005

David Bennett wrote:
> Thank you everyone for the ideas. A few problems though:
> (1) 
>>You didn't specify or give an example but if it is something like
>>"X-treme Fly Fishing: Bass", "X-treme Fly Fishing: Trout", etc.,
>>You could go to Search Words->Title and Enter "X-treme Fly Fishing"
>>then click the "Record" button on the popup. This would create a
>>"(Title Search)" rule that matches anything with the key phrase in
>>the title. This way, you wouldn't need to lock it into a timeslot
>>so the scheduler could chose a replay or find an episode if it was
>>in a special time slot or if the station changes the regularly
>>scheduled time.
> Tried doing this. Went to "search" from the web interface. I put in a

Nothing was said about any web interface. The "Search Words" page
is in mythfrontend. The popup appears when you first enter the Titles
page and you can bring up the popup again with the "M"enu key.

> partial string and it came up. I clicked on it and told it to record
> every time on this channel. It did not use the info from the search
> string, but rather the title that I clicked on to bring up the
> recording menu. Does this make sense? Is what you recommended
> something I have to do from the Frontend or Backend? (ie. not the web
> interface.)
> (2)
>>I did the same thing for a hosted movie series "Midnight Snack" Fridays
>>at midnight The Sundance Channel.
>>Rule Name: "Midnight Snack"
>>channel.callsign = "SUNDAEP"
>>AND DAYNAME(program.starttime) = "Saturday"
>>AND HOUR(program.starttime) = 0
> Sounds like a great idea, but i haven't the foggiest idea where to (or
> how to!) for that matter input this kind of manual recording profile.

This is Custom Record. RSN when Robert has some time... check that. Here:

> Looked around a bit and did not find a menu option. I am trying to
> record a show that comes on every wednesday at 10pm and a specific
> channel, but always has a different title.

You really missed the hint that you should give the specifics of
what you are trying to do; the station, what the series is and what
these titles look like. It really isn't fair to expect answers for
the best solution if you won't fess up to what you're trying to do.
Since you're being so evasive, I'll assume it's porn ;-).

channel.callsign = "SPICE"
AND DAYNAME(program.starttime) = "Wedensday"
AND HOUR(program.starttime) = 22

You can edit the callsign then cut'n'paste it into the Custom Record
text box as per the docs. However, if the titles are variations of
the same base name, I still think you'd be better with a title search
like the "X-treme Fly Fishing" example.

--  bjm

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