[mythtv-users] CD Ripping FC4

David Maher dm at netsol.com.au
Fri Aug 19 00:17:39 UTC 2005

I have 3 myth Pcs, 1 xmaster backend, 1 slave backend/frontend and 1 frontend only. All running FC4 using various models of intel based hardware. I have updated them all using yum. I have the identical error with mythcd on all pcs.
Every time you try to play or rip a cd you get the afore mentioned buffer overflow and the frontend exits simultaneously. If you open import CD with no cd in the drive, the ripping app launches, but as soon as you insert a cd into the drive the overflow happens and the application exits. I have found references to this problem on the web, but every thread just dries up with no resolution.
What do we do now?

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I am also crashing everytime I try to play an audio
cd. Here is the error:

*** buffer overflow detected ***: mythfrontend
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========

I've used the latest rpm build and I've done a manual
install. both crash. I don't know what else you need
so let me know

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