[mythtv-users] backend / frontend not completly clear to me

Roel Gielen r.gielen at home.nl
Thu Aug 18 19:50:38 UTC 2005

>If you buy anything other than a PVR-150/250/350/500 as your
>tuner/capture card then your backend might be a little taxed if it's
>doing anything other than just mythtv.  If you buy something else (we
>call them analog capture cards) you will be capturing in RTJpeg or
>Mpeg4, not mpeg2.  If you get one with FM, there seems to be some work
>in that direction, but I haven't really seen a desire personally so I
>haven't looked into it much, regarding myth anyway.
>It would seem that at the very least you want to spend the 20 bucks
>and get a bt878 based card.  Next best thing would be one of those
>150's above, I think you can nab one for somewhere around 60 nowadays.
>Good Luck!
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Thanks again for replies,

No high definition isnt something for me, I think it is more an american 
thing :) in europe High definition doesnt get really good support. Dont 
have that kind of tv, and also dont know where to get it around here :)
I will look around for a desent tuner card, will check out those 
mentioned before.
Thanks again for the replies, if I got more questions, (I am not a linux 
guru) I be back to bother you all again :)  :)

Greets Roel

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