[mythtv-users] transcoded nuv/mpeg4: really mpeg4?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Aug 18 17:10:35 UTC 2005

Brian J. Murrell wrote:

>Why not?  The container just holds the audio and video segments/frames
>and syncing information doesn't it?
>I am proposing extracting the frames/segments without decoding and
>re-encoding them and placing the extracted frames/segments into a new
>container.  AVI or OGG for example.
I'm sure someone with more knowledge of these things can speak of it 
more clearly than I can, but your scenario supposes that all container 
formats are binary compatible at some level minus some headers and extra 
information and those headers can just be lopped off of the frames and 
those frames rebuilt with new headers and thus a new container.   My 
understanding is there is more to it than that which is why you don't 
see tools available that do what you are suggestion.  Multiple 
containers have been around for a long time and if it truly was as easy 
as you suggest, there would be a wealth of tools to do this.


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