[mythtv-users] Directv channel change script directv.pl

David Morris mythtv at morrisonthenet.com
Thu Aug 18 14:05:55 UTC 2005

Check your serial cable to the sat box?  If you just patched up a cheap 
phone line as a serial cable or have a loosely cimped or soldered 
connector, that could be your problem especially if the cable is run 
near other cables and noisy components.  RS232 is very susceptible to 
noise, which is why you should always uses shielded cable.  Dropping a 
single character is often indicative of noise, but if it's always the 
first character then it could be a timing issue, like the UART on one 
end or the the other isn't quite initialized fully before the first 
character is sent.


djg at pdp8.net wrote:

>   I had a couple reports of occasional changes to wrong channel with
>my script directv.pl with D10-100 boxes using the new firmware. I have 
>updated the script to query the channel and try again if you are using the
>setup_channel command.  New version at
>It looks like the box takes the remote codes and return the ok response
>but actually looses the first digit sometimes.  This can also happen
>with the D10-200.
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