[mythtv-users] no audio in dvdauthor step

Felix mythtv at ymhee-bcex.net
Thu Aug 18 04:01:31 UTC 2005

Jens Baumeister wrote:

>On 8/15/05, Ian Ward <support at cyberpro.com.au> wrote:
>>Hey there.  my setup - Mythtv 18.1 with DVB-T cards in Sydney.
>>I recorded some shows for a friend, then said I would put the shows on DVD.
>>Boy, do I regret that.
>>I cannot believe how @#$ hard this is ( especially using bloody Windows )
>Easiest Linux-only way I know off:
>1. Use ProjectX (http://sourceforge.net/projects/project-x ) to demux
>the DVB stream / cut out commercials I do this via X11, but I've seen
>a CLI-way to use it somewhere in the archives.
>2. Use mplex to bring the streams back together:
>mplex -f 8 -o xyz.mpg xyz.m2v xyz.mp2
>3. copy the resulting mpg into a DVD file system with dvdauthor:
>dvdauthor -o DVD xyz.mpg
>4. Repeat 1-3 until you have all the stuff you want on the DVD
>5. Finalize the DVD file system:
>dvdauthor -T -o DVD
>6. Put a blankDVD in your DVD writer and burn the stuff:
>growisofs -Z /dev/WHATEVER-YOUR-DVD-WRITER-IS -dvd-video DVD
>On my underpowered PIII 600, the whole process takes about 45 Minutes
>for an average movie.
I tried both ProjectX and MythBurn (including just running mythtvburn.sh 
script) and I have the same problem: dvdauthor produces nothing in AUDIO 
directory, and as result no sound. The xyz.mpg (above) is absolutely 
fine, that is with sound and video and excellent quality. Mythtvburn is 
more complex sequence (since it generates XML for dvdauthor that 
includes menus, etc) - but the actual file after "bringing the streams 
back together" that goes into dvdauthor has all the sounds as well.

I have FC4, ProjectX 0.82, dvdauthor 0.6.11
mjpegtools mplex-2 version 1.6.3-rc1 (2.2.3)

I think I am so-so close, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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