[mythtv-users] ffwd / rew problem

Ted Healey thealey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 02:00:30 UTC 2005

Lirc works great save for one thing, for me. I bought a serial
receiver from the lirc.org recommended german guy and it works great,
very good reception from a long ways away. i configured it with the
HOWTO, literally copy and paste and load the modules and it worked
right away.

I would like to have sticky keys turned on, but I have a problem. I
have the ffwd key assigned to Right, and when I hit it, it says
Forward, and then in the console I get Prebuffering pause, and the
display more or less freezes until I hit the Play button and then it
plays just fine. (no xmvc, standard definition programming, nvidia
card / driver...)

I tried >, and >> and most everything else I could think in lircrc of
but the combination of lirc and ffwd and sticky keys and Left and
Right just doesn't work like every other button does.

irw looks fine, it is getting the right mappings out of /etc/lircd.conf..

If I use the keyboard, and hit the Right key, it goes forward and works great.

So, just to get it working, I turned sticky keys off. Now, when I hit
the fast forward button, it goes ahead 30 seconds as I would expect.
If I hit it again pretty soon (typically there are 3-5 commercials
lined up), then it for some reason does a Jump Ahead (10 minutes).

The cure for this seems to be to hit the forward button, let it go 30
secs, then wait however long until the OSD goes away, and once I'm
sure it's done, then hit forward again, which then goes 30 seconds

Really not a problem for me, but for everyone else in the family they
wind up in unexpected places, it's counterintuitive. The keyboard
worked great for everyone, with the keyboard it was Tivo-like sticky
keys where it accelerates the more times you hit Forward, you hit
Enter and it plays and everyone is happy.

Any ideas appreciated.

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