[mythtv-users] Trouble with ir blaster from myth, fine in a shell

James Ogle jogle at wetafx.co.nz
Thu Aug 18 00:53:49 UTC 2005

Nick wrote:

>>I just had a thought that my channel setup might be wrong. The channel
>>setup window is very confusing with what goes where. I have the channel
>>number I want to change to external STB to in the Channel Number field
>>on the first page of channel setup. Should I also be putting it in the
>>Frequency box on the second page?
>The freqid is the value that it passed to the channel change script,
>not the channum. That should sort it. I'm not sure why the SELECT
>isn't working - is it defined in your /etc/lircd.conf?
Ahhhhhh thanks Nick. The channel setup page could really do with some 
mouseovers or something so that you know what to put where.

No SELECT it not defined and I dont need it, My STB changes the channel 
as soon as it recieves 2 digits All I need in the /etc/lircd.conf are 
the numbers. The cable provider in New Zealand wouldn't dream of giving 
us over 100 channels ;)

Thanks again

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