[mythtv-users] Tuner for WinTV-Go Card?

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 00:19:07 UTC 2005

On 8/17/05, Scott Minneman <sminneman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all, I'm (re)building my combined backend/frontend, which uses two
> WinTV-Go cards.  I cannot for the life of me get the tuners to
> function properly.  They do not autodetect (in FC3), so I have to use
> modprobe.conf to set the card and tuner options.
> On the tuners themselves is printed NTSC 44981 Rev E199.  In dmesg,
> tveeprom reports "tuner=<unknown>".  Google searches have turned up
> nothing useful, and the ftvco script (find_tvcardoptions.sh) also
> failed to discover a working configuration.
> The most frustrating thing about it is that these same tuners have
> worked for me before, until the system crashed.  Unfortunately, I was
> backup-less (will never make that mistake again), so I can't go back
> and look at the settings that worked then.
> Is anyone using this card, or have any suggestions for how to figure
> out the proper settings?

>From reading I think the tuner type should be set to 2 for NTSC if
using the cx88 driver. Which chips do the cards use?


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