[mythtv-users] Problems when trying to tune in a non-existant channel

Jonathan Fors etnoy at broach.se
Wed Aug 17 22:31:33 UTC 2005


I have this problem with my PVR. If I am watching channel #1 with
mythtv, and I press CH- on the remote, mythtv goes crazy. The frontend
goes black with no ability to stop and crashes after a while, and the
backend needs to be restarted. When I check the logs I see that the
backend tries to tune in channel number ".", yes, that' channel number
"dot". The frontend reports "waited too long to be allowed to read" and
then dies after a while.

I had some problems with my initial tune-in of the program, and after
each change in the channels dialog in the myth setup, I need to re-set
the default channel to a valid channel number in the card setup, or else
the card would tune in channel number "dot".

This seems like two bugs; first the "default channel" setting in the
inital setup program is cleared after each change in the channel setup
screen, and also that mythtv tries to tune in channel # "dot" when
"default channel" is not set.

Running myth 18.1 and ubuntu hoary, tuner: Hauppauge Nova-T PCI
(cx88_dvb driver)


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