[mythtv-users] Cables and more space...ideas?

James Oltman cnlibmyth at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:06:55 UTC 2005

On 8/17/05, Jesse Kaufman gLaNDix <glandix at lloydnet.org> wrote:
> On Aug 17, 2005, at 1:35 PM, James Oltman wrote:
> > DVD Shrink primarily uses DVD discs. However, there is an OPEN files
> > button. It doesn't list out the type of files it is looking for. It
> > just says, SELECT FOLDER THAT CONTAINS DVD FILES. I have never tried
> > that before. I assume the VOBs are what it is talking about. It
> > works wonders for me.
> hmm, interesting, i'll try it out ... wasn't sure, because a number of
> programs seem to require both VOB and IFO files ...
> > You have the option to compress a DVD9 down to a DVD5 to fit on a
> > DVD-R.
> yeah, that's exactly what i want to do eventually ...
> > I compressing so I remove the menus, extras, any audio I don't want.
> > On discs with both the DTS and DD5.1, I keep both. It doesn't
> > specifically say DD5.1 or DTS, but it says ENGLISH then gives the size
> > of the audio tracks. Obviously, the DTS will be bigger than the DD5.1
> > because there is more audio inforation there.
> hmm, i didn't know that :) ... can't recall, does xine support DTS
> passthrough or just DD? DD works great for me, i'm just curious :)
> > It is a SUPER easy program to use. After that's done, I go to BACKUP,
> > and I save it to an ISO file, and on my MythBE, I have a samba share
> > setup. I just drop the file onto the MythBE and voila! Done and
> > Done.
> cool, sounds like exactly what i'm wanting to do (with the addition of
> burning off the ISOs eventually)
> thanks for the info!!!
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Xine does support DTS passthrough because I have done it before with the 
Predator Special Edition. I saved the ISO file and it was over 4.7 GBs 
without compression. I just hate to compress. When I started watching in 
XINE, I right click and bring up the menu and choose a different audio track 
and it worked. Keep in mind that compressing the whole DVD isn't the best 
choice as sometimes you get 50% compression. I did that with O Brother, 
Where Art Thou? and it looks pretty bad. You can see the pixelation on 
screen and it gets annoying. That would be one of those movies I would make 
into an uncompressed ISO and drop on my backend. Good luck!

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