[mythtv-users] Where's the log file?

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 04:12:38 UTC 2005

> > The logging information in the status screen is in the database.  Any
> > other logging is done from the startup of the backend.  For reference,
> > my startup script on RH9 looks like:
> >
> > mythbackend --daemon --logfile /var/log/mythtv/$prog.log --pidfile
> > /var/run/$prog.pid
> >
> > I believe the --logfile option will do what you want.  Also note that
> > --verbose controls the amount of information in the log.

BTW, on my FC3 system with ATRPMs you cab change the mythtvbackend
startup line in /etc/sysconfig/mythtvbackend (from memory that's the
file name) which is neater than changing init.d scripts.


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