[mythtv-users] mythtv transcoding - windows daemon

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 21:37:50 UTC 2005

On 16/08/05, Deepak JV <jvdeepak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I know most of you would have this kind of situation. One mythtv
> frontend/backed combined and its not powerfully enough to do transcoding
> / commercial detection. But at the same time a high end windows machine
> is available (used for gaming) which can be used for running mythjob. I
> really don't know whether this is possible but thought i can find out if
> anyone of you have come up with a way to do similar stuff.
> I would really appreciate if anyone of you have made use of a windows
> machine for transcoding / commercial detection stuff, please let me know
> and I would be very much interest to hear about it.

I've been trying to make a version of Myth (The frontend, at least)
for Windows, but it REALLY doesn't work (Needs porting to QT4, and
work to get it to compile under MinGW).

However, all is not lost, as you could use coLinux to run Linux inside
your Windows box (As a service, even), and (if you can extract the
daemon from MythBackend) run MythJob on there.
Robert "Anaerin" Johnston

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