[mythtv-users] BBC bitrates - Freeview versus Satellite

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 18:25:08 UTC 2005

> On freeview, BBC1's transmission rate is arround 5Mbit per second. This
> includes video, audio, subtitles
> English regions feeds on DSAT (BBC1) are arround 4Mbit/second total, so
> slightly lower quality than DTT.

Thanks all for your responses.

So - to my surprise - satellite is at best on a par with terrestrial.
(Out of interest, anyone know what rate the 'premium' Sky channels are
using? e.g. Sky One, Sports etc)

Allan - yes, I was aware of the FTA/FTV distinction and had been
reading about the Dragon Cam. I assume a full featured card is needed
for decrypting the stream and not for the tv out? Is this a setup you
have working? (I was looking at the nova-ci) This isn't my only
interest though - I'd like to get some regional programming, ITV may
go FTA, other channels are available on satellite and hidef is on the
way at some point (and I'd love to make the most of my hidef lcd tv -
my hunch is some sort of hidef will be available for the world cup
next year).

That said, if the Dragon cam looks like a good medium/long term
solution to allow me to integrate Sky into myth, it may just make me
think again about forking out some cash for Mr Murdoch!



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