[mythtv-users] Gee, I THOUGHT I was a linux fan.

Graham Dunn graham.dunn at leitch.com
Mon Aug 15 19:44:24 UTC 2005

R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:

>I found KnoppMyth totally unusable. On the first install I ended up with a
>1600x1200 resolution in the console and I never could get rid of that.
>So now I'm bouncing down other by-ways. I still don't have the system
>finished but at least I have a working Linux system which I can actually
>use and understand. The Myth portion of KnoppMyth was there, and appeared
>to be available/working/usable... but since I had no networking, no sound
>and no way to get them working, it was all irrelevant.
I had the same issue. After install I was left with a unusable X 
resolution, and Ctrl-Alt-BkSpc (to kill gdm) would leave me with a truly 
messed up terminal (just blinking green squares).

I ended up booting off the CD again, using "knoppmyth screen=640x480" at 
the boot prompt, then jumping to another virtual terminal, finding 
XF86Config-4 under one of the mount points (/mnt/hda1) and removing the 
offending resolution (everything except 640x480), then restarting. X 
would then go into something reasonable, and I could continue the config 
/ install.

I understand why the underlying Knoppix system would want to get the 
best resolution possible, but wish the KnoppMyth install would just 
stick to a safe 640x480 (I know, I know, patches are appreciated).


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