[mythtv-users] Gee, I THOUGHT I was a linux fan.

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 17:59:41 UTC 2005

--- Richard Bronosky <mythtv at bronosky.com> wrote:

> I chose KnoppMyth for
> it's
> illusion of simplicity, but was made to feel like a complete idiot. 

This is harsh.  I wouldn't criticize KnoppMyth too heavily until you've
tried installing Myth on your own using another distro.

> 2.  I now have my network working.  (I know because I used a text
> based
> browser to hit Yahoo.com.)  But, I cannot get the DataDirect
> "Retrieve
> Listings" button to do anything.

Logs are your friends.  Something left a message somewhere, you just
need to find it.

> 3.  I did setup my PVR-500 as 2 cards, /dev/video0 tuner0 &
> /dev/video1
> tuner0, and associate my "Comcast Cable" source to each.  But when I
> go
> to Watch Live TV, I get a black screen.  I know I'm not locked up
> because I can Crtl+Alt+F1-F6 to get to other tty's.  But to get that
> session (tty7) back I must reboot.  What am I doing wrong here?  Is
> there a log I can check?

There is a log for mythbackend.  The mythfrontend log must be enabled
"manually" by starting mythfrontend from a window and giving it a debug
flag.  I suspect your problem is the database isn't initialized for
some reason.

> 4. I tried watching a DVD from my NEC 16xDL-DVD-RW but the Xine
> screen
> flashes for a second and then I'm back to the MythTV GUI.  I tried
> ripping a DVD but it keeps telling me there are no jobs.  What am I
> doing wrong here?  Is there a log I can check?

You're trying to watch an encrypted DVD which Hollywood lawyers
consider illegal.  You need to install libdecss.  Check out the
Knoppmyth forum for hints -- SEARCH the forum, don't bother asking this
question, you'll just get spanked.

> Feel free to to kick, troll, and insult me, but please offer
> assistance too.

I recommend you head over to the Knoppmyth forum at
http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/ and search for answers, plus ask
questions.  Regardless of your opening statement, KnoppMyth *IS* the
easiest way to get a Myth box up and running, and Cecil, Dale and the
others have worked very hard to make it that way.  (Just because it's
"easiest" it doesn't make it "easy.")  When you come to the forum,
please respect the hard work others have done to make the process
simpler for those of us who follow.

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