[mythtv-users] Gee, I THOUGHT I was a linux fan.

Lee mythtv at varga.co.uk
Mon Aug 15 17:45:49 UTC 2005

>> Apparently, I've hardly ever used Linux.  I once built a few servers
>> running RedHat 7.2, and I use various versions of Unix at my job. 
>> (HPUX, FreeBSD, Mac OS X)  But, when it came down to setting up my
>> MythTV box this weekend, I failed big time.  I chose KnoppMyth for it's
>> illusion of simplicity, but was made to feel like a complete idiot. 
>> Even worse than when I used a Mac for the first time in about 1998.
> I don't think KnoppMyth is easy to use by any means either. It took me 
> literally a week to get
> my setup off the ground, and my wife and son were out of town all 
> week, so that's like, 3 weeks
> under normal circumstances?
> I ran into and had to push through brick walls at many checkpoints:
> 1.) Get Hardware capable of actually running PVR-350 & KnoppMyth
>     (The first box I tried was way too weak. The current 700mhz box is
>     barely adaquate.)
> 2.) Get network drivers up and running
> 3.) Get SSH & NTP configured.
> 4.) Get PVR-350 working.
> 5.) Get NFS configured for remote NAS server
> 6.) Get Sound working (had to buy extra cables and such)
> 7.) Get Programming Information working. (failed first two tries due 
> to not reading the
>     correct documentation, eventually found what I needed and moved 
> on. Recently
>     figured out how to remove channels I don't have from my lineup so 
> Myth won't
>     try to record programs on channels I don't have, so this was 
> ongoing...)
> 8.) Get IR Remote working (ongoing still as I find missing 
> functionality in various programs)
> 9.) Get DVD playback working (libdvdcss, xine vs mplayer, XV under PVR 
> 350, etc...
>    still not perfect due to underpowered CPU. This took a ton of time.)
> 10.) Get Gallery working over NFS (had to copy data to my new NAS 
> array, basically)
> 11.) Get Music working over NFS (had to copy data to my new NAS array, 
> basically)
> 12.) Get Apache-SSL installed & MythWeb working.
> 13.) Resolve cooling issues so my two tower cases fit in the bottom of 
> my computer
>       armoire without overheating.
> 14.) Much more I'm forgetting, I'm sure.
> So you see it's not plug-and-play by any means. There are some open 
> source projects
> that ARE plug-and-play, like m0n0wall and smoothwall, but those 
> projects deal with
> old, established, and heavily standardized hardware. MythTV deals with 
> very unique,
> different hardware. So it's understandable that KnoppMyth has 
> difficulty automating
> the above setup items.
> BTW, a good chunk of my time was spent learning Debian (again). I'm 
> normally a
> redhat/gentoo guy, so it took a while to remember how things are done 
> under Debian,
> but I definitely think Debian was an excellent choice for KnoppMyth 
> (ignoring the
> fact the Knoppix is Debian, so there wasn't really much choice in the 
> matter). Another
> huge chunk of time was spent familiarizing myself with the PVR 350 and 
> it's various
> software drivers and utilities. And yet another large portion of time 
> spent just learning
> the Myth way of doing things.
> So... don't feel stupid. It's normal to have a ton of trouble. It's 
> worth it if you press on,
> but if you don't enjoy spending countless hours tinkering with Linux, 
> then perhaps
> you'd be happier with a Tivo. :) I certainly wouldn't recommend Myth 
> to anyone with
> less than Intermediate level Linux admin skills. I consider myself a 
> highly skilled
> administrator/programmer, and it still took me forever.

I don't think you can blame the KnoppMyth developer for you having a 
strange LAN adapter/underpowered hardware/cooling problems can you?  As 
for wanting to run everything over NFS it's not supported by default...
The whole DVD decryption is well documented in the wiki...

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