[mythtv-users] Gee, I THOUGHT I was a linux fan.

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Mon Aug 15 15:15:03 UTC 2005

At 10:59 AM 8/15/2005, you wrote:
>Comments in-line.
>On 8/15/05, Richard Bronosky <mythtv at bronosky.com> wrote:
> > 4. I tried watching a DVD from my NEC 16xDL-DVD-RW but the Xine screen
> > flashes for a second and then I'm back to the MythTV GUI.  I tried
> > ripping a DVD but it keeps telling me there are no jobs.  What am I
> > doing wrong here?  Is there a log I can check?
> >
>It is possible that Xine is in the background.  Have you tried showing
>the DVD from a CLI instance of xine?
>Is mtd running?  (http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-19.html)

Chances are you were trying to show a commercial DVD and so you need to
load the "optional encryption" library libdvdcss which isn't included to
have legal deniability. I'm sure you can manage to google to find what you
need given that hint.
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