[mythtv-users] Cables and more space...ideas?

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Mon Aug 15 15:03:51 UTC 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'm trying a couple of 
options and will take photos and post before and 
after shots of my wire situation.  Hopefully it will be 
good enough to eliminate the unsightly mess.

> > 2.  DVDs on Myth.  I have ripped quite a few (about 40%)
> > of our collection to Myth, but I've run out of space and
> > need to figure out what my next step is.

> If you didn't setup your system using LVM, I don't know 
> what your options are for growing a filesystem.  

Set up using LVM.  No problem there.  It's the physical space 
in the machine I've run out of.  External firewire or USB sounds 
like it may fit the bill.


> You don't mention your current case or what's installed in it, 
> so it's hard to offer much here other than to point you to 
> online shopping sites. ;)  

Good point.  Mythbackend with all the storage is a whitebox 
PC with atx mobo and 6 drives in it.  No more physical 
space.  I was thinking about one of these boxes:


I don't care about looks or noise.  This is in a room far away 
from any viewing areas.  I can probably stuff more in either 
one with one of the 2 bay 3 drive adapter brackets.  I just 
need to add some monster cooling.

Then I don't know how to add all the supporting connections 
unless I have lots of PCI cards to support all the extra devices.
I guess that's why an external firewire enclosure would be 
fairly convenient.

> silentpcreview.com has reviews and comparisons of the 
> quietest drives available.  My current pick would be the 
> new 200G Samsung; I have two of their 160G
> spinpoints and have been very happy with them.

Agreed.  I have a 120 spinpoint and an very happy with it 
in my frontend.

> I think I would build up my backend to be able to supply 
> capacity (storage, bandwidth, CPU if transcoding is an issue) 
> and look at how to supply multiple mythfrontend feeds to the 
> televisions you have. 

Fortunately, I had planned for this, so no issues there.
I can supply the feeds, I just can't store enough.

Maybe I'll need to suck up and deal with plunking down 
some coinage for one of the firewire enclosures like this:



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