[mythtv-users] Max number of recording cards in one backend?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Aug 15 12:55:33 UTC 2005

Neale Swinnerton wrote:

>Anyone know how many recording cards could I reasonably expect to be able
>to run in the same backend? Obviously this is dependent on the bitrates
>selected, I guess that the PCI bus would eventually be saturated. I'd be
>recording to disks installed in the same machine.
>A bit of Googling tells me that the theorectical max bandwidth of a PCI
>bus is around 127Mbit/s, but there's a lot of overhead in there.
>So what's a 'reasonable' number, can I get away with 3xDVB-T + 1xPVR-250 ?
I thought there was an article on some hardware website recently that 
had a system with at least 5 PVR-500s (10 tuners) IIRC.


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