[mythtv-users] Tennis

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 11:04:38 UTC 2005

On 15 Aug 2005 03:10:54 -0700, Jim Reith <reith at racores.com> wrote:
> >Each recording schedule you create you can specify that it records an
> >extra X minutes.  Also, you can say that for any and every recording
> >schedule you create you can record extra time.
> >
> >You just need to look in the setup and the recording screens.
> >
> >Whytey
> I've been doing that so I end up getting 4-5 hour recordings where
> the game ends up being only 3.5 hours long. Is there a simple way
> once they are recorded to prune off the end, after the event is done?

only by adding a cut list and then transcoding but that generally
makes the video a different format such as MPEG4.



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