[mythtv-users] wrapper script for archived video

Markus Döhla markus.doehla at nefkom.net
Sat Aug 13 21:17:31 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I archive my recordings using nuvexport to transcode to xvid and then burn the files to dvd.
So I want to watch these data-dvds from my frontend and tinkered the following:
It mounts the cd/dvd to the dvd-rom and checks if there's an VIDEO_TS folder available.
If yes, then it starts xine to play the inserted disc as video-dvd.
If no, it writes a playlist to the userhome and plays it with mplayer.

1) Wrapper script dvd.sh.

You probably have to change some of the variables/paths to fit your box.
I'm on Gentoo, so you probably have to change "/dev/dvd" to something else like "/dev/cdrom" or "/dev/cdroms/cdrom0".



  TONUL=">/dev/null 2>&1"

  MPLAY="/usr/bin/mplayer -ac hwac3, -ao alsa:device=spdif -vo xv -fs -zoom -really-quiet -playlist"

  sudo mount ${DEVIC} ${MNTPT}
  if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    sudo umount ${MNTPT}
    exit 1

  ISDVD=`ls ${MNTPT} | grep VIDEO_TS`

  if [ -n "${ISDVD}" ]
    sudo umount ${MNTPT}
    ${XINEB} -pfh --no-splash dvd://
    rm -f ${PLIST} ${TONUL}
    find /mnt/cdrom -type f >> ${PLIST}
    ${MPLAY} ${PLIST}
    sudo umount ${MNTPT}


If executed as root, you should remove the leading "sudo" in some lines and skip to step 3).

2) If executed as normal user, you have to add your user/group to sudoers.

This is done by:

# visudo

add this lines:
<your_mythtv_user>  <your_hostname>=NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/sudo
%users  ALL=/bin/mount /dev/dvd /mnt/cdrom, /bin/umount /mnt/cdrom

3) To profit from mplayers ability to browse through the playlist you have to add this to your ~/.lircrc:


  prog = mplayer
  button = Replay
  config = pt_step -1
  repeat = 1

  prog = mplayer
  button = Skip
  config = pt_step +0
  repeat = 1


This adds functionality to the skip+/- buttons to the Hauppauge grey remote.
Like everything else you will probably have to fit it to your needs :)

Hope this helps somebody!

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