[mythtv-users] Cables and more space...ideas?

Marius Schrecker masch at tiscali.no
Sat Aug 13 15:21:49 UTC 2005

>  Dealing with wiring is part of having computers, so you're
>pretty much going to have to just neaten it and make i
> unobtrusive by

>tying it along existing structure such as shelving.  Getting cables in
>white is pretty easy, if it's an issue of black cables along a white
>wall or baseboard.

I think there's nothing worse than trailing wires (apart from all the dvd'd
and dvd players in every room). Any cables I can put together myself (with
soldered ends) go in conduiting (preferably under the floor) with connectors
in the wall, whilst others are tucked neatly into sleeving. Look at B&O's
flexible woven stocking for putting all your tv cables in one tube. It makes
a heck of a difference, especially if you want to be able to wheel the TV
out of its parking place occasionally.


>If you didn't setup your system using LVM, I don't know what your
>options are for growing a filesystem.  It might not be difficult to
>add a large disk and
>designate it as your DVD store while using the
>existing storage for recordings.  You don't mention your current case
>or what's installed in it, so it's hard to offer much here other than
>to point you to online shopping sites. ;)  silentpcreview.com 

I don't know how many disks I want in the sitting roomas everything adds
heat and noise. Anyway, my capacity is pretty much limited to 1 by the SFF
case I'm using. When the time comes I think I'll move the video directory
over to nfs and run a dedicated fileserver somewhere else, possibly with
raid for redundency.

>reviews and comparisons of the quietest drives available.  My current
>pick would be the new 200G Samsung; I have two of their 160G
>spinpoints and have been very happy with them.

I will second the good experience with spinpoints. I had a seagate 7200
series 120 GB before (before Seagate got noisier) but my new spinpoint 250GB
is MUCH quieter, after mounting it on rubber bushes I only hear a very faint
chatter whilst reading/writing. Otherwise I can't hear it at-all. It's much
quieter than the disk in my laptop.


Registered Linux user

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