Re: [mythtv-users] what's the latest on pvr-500 firmware with ivtv 0.3.7b

Marius Schrecker masch at
Fri Aug 12 19:11:39 UTC 2005

>Anyways Marius, The PVR-500 works fine for me with 0.3.7c. b wa
> ok but 
>the problem they had there was the 150 tuners were set to have very low

>volume. 0.3.7c has fixed that.... In fact, I have better reception and

>picture with the 150's of my 500 than my tuner type 47 PVR350. I am 
>trying to decide if I sho
>ld dump the 350 for another 500 right now.

:-) sounds great! I'm a little worried about one of the channels here which
is just about ok with mastheat amping and "boosting" at the tv (lcd job
which I think does massage the image digitally a bit to get rid of snow).
It will be interesting to see what the 150's make of it and whether Mplayer/Myth
will clean it up adequately.

I was tying to be lazy and use the 0.3.7b's which are pre-packaged as debs
on Ian Campbels repository. Aah  well, it liooks like patching and installing
from tarball after-all (or waiting another couple of days ;-)

I looked at the archives from Cecils link (can't stand the thought of ANOTHER
100 mails a day from yet another list, but couldn't find any completely
up-to-date info, so went for the files from the CD, if they don't work they'll
be easy enough to replace.

Thanks for your help.

Registered Linux user

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