[mythtv-users] IR hardware recognition / rtc

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 13:41:03 UTC 2005

There is a sourceforge project called usbirboy, but you need to build
it yourself.

I too am looking for a remote receiver for my Xbox, so USB would be
cool.  I would prefer to use my own remote over a std Xbox one.


On 8/12/05, Marius Schrecker <masch at tiscali.no> wrote:
> >>...I need to find out what ir hardware I have and make sure I have
> >>a module for it. This is tricky as I can't see anything in dmesg or lspci
> >>to help me identify it. It's a built in ir receive
> >> on the front of my biostar
> >>ideq 330p (nforce4)...any ideas as to what it might be/how to identify
> it??
> >According to Biostar's web site, this is an IrDA receiver. IrDA
> >devices do not use the same type of LED as most IR remote controls.
> >Due to
> >ts fundamental frequency, IrDA is useless at anything over
> >about 3 feet distance. Its primary use is for syncing portable
> >devices (PDAs, laptops, etc.) with the main computer. For this
> >particular purpose, the 3-foot restriction isn't a bad one.
> >
> >Basically, you'll need to get some sort of additional hardware to
> >support "regular" IR reception. At least you can probably take out
> >the Biostar's IrDA receiver and put the other receiver in its place,
> >inside the case.
> >
> been out looking for usb ir dongles, but so far the only one I've found
> is another IrDA device. haven't checked whether it's supported either. Can
> anyone recommend a good/cheap/2.6.x-supported remote receiver (preferably
> usb), or a good howto to build one?... Ideally the receiver should be closer
> to the tv than my computer (which will hide in the corner).
> Cheers
> Marius
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